The Best Chilean Cities to Visit

Discover the beauty of its landscapes, through the following selection of the best tourist places in Chile, spectacular scenery among the driest desert in the world, eternal ice, humid forests, vibrant cities, and villages. We love to fulfill traveler dreams and even more know new destinations in Chile. Therefore, it is time for you to take your bags and go out and discover this long and narrow country because these are the best cities to visit this 2019.

  1. Valdivia

The capital of the Los Ríos region is at the top of the list with 86%. Valdivia is a city in southern Chile that falls in love with visitors for its intense cultural life and incredible natural landscapes, such as its famous Valdivia forest which is one of the largest biodiversity on the planet. Don’t miss visiting the River Market on the Avenida Costanera by the Calle River or walking in the Botanic Garden of the Universidad Austral, located in Isla Teja. 17 kilometers from the city lies the Niebla spa, another must-see and famous place for housing The Fog Fort, also known as the castle of the pure and clean conception of Monfort De Lemus. And if you like beer, in Valdivia you will find many craft breweries to enjoy until late at night.

  1. Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar and the City Garden are one of the favorite tourist places of the summer thanks to its 13 beaches such as Caleta Abarca, Las Salinas, Reñaca and Acapulco. It is 110 kilometers from Santiago, and many tourists take advantage to enjoy an afternoon of sunshine on its shores, in addition to its wide range of gastronomy, nightlife, and culture. Take advantage of betting at the Municipal Casino or going to the Quinta Vergara and enjoy a night of music at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival, which takes place in the second half of February. In our tour guide to the Valparaíso Region, we recommend you to visit its streets and get to know its old mansions and numerous castles such as the Municipal Theatre or the famous Wulff Castle, located on the coast. You can walk around the day taking a tour from Santiago, so you only care to enjoy Viña del Mar, isn’t it tempting? City tour through Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, and a panoramic visit to the Casablanca Valley-Dreams travelers.

  1. Central Chile:

Hectic capital of Chile, distinguished in 2011 by The New York Times newspaper among the best destinations in the world, captivating by its art museums, sophisticated restaurants and design proposals that have permeated some of its most famous neighborhoods. Wine routes, modern ski resorts and an extensive coastline just 100 kilometers away, are another of its great attractions, proximity that allows you to enjoy the snow of the mountain on one day and then go down to the sands of the coast. More information in the following article from Santiago.

  1. Punta Arenas

In sixth place is Punta Arenas with 76%. A panoramic view of the Strait of Magallanes and a walk through the historic center of Punta Arenas are two of the essential activities for those visiting the Magellan region and the Chilean Antarctic. Remember to kiss or touch the feet of the Indian figure to return soon! Very close to the city is the famous Magdalena Island, home to more than 150,000 Magallanes penguins.

  1. National Park Lauca

Northern Chile: without being among the best-known tourist places in Chile, it corresponds to a jewel of natural heritage located 165 kilometers from Arica, hidden among Altiplanic landscapes, Snowy Mountains and villages of Aymara culture, being home to a unique ecosystem in the world that inhabits at the fantastic altitude of 4,500 meters above sea level. Inside of scenarios of major beauty highlight the Lagoons of Cotacotani with wetlands and volcanic islets and The Lake Chungará, one of the highest in the planet, with waters of emerald green tones where impressive snowy massifs are reflected and the giant Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes.

  1. Iquique

North of Chile: Vibrant spa town, a town in the north of Chile, that captivates with its white sand beaches and gentle waves, beautiful architectures in wooden raised during the heyday of the nitrate and valuable archaeological museums giving a sample of the Chinchorro Culture that inhabited the area 5,000 years ago. Its surroundings are another of its attractions, figuring out alternatives, such as rides to the neighboring nitrate of Humberstone and Santa Laura, declared Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO, the enigmatic geoglyphs carved in the hills of painted and beautiful green oases, located in the middle of the desert as Pica. More information in the following article by Iquique.