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Welcome to the prochile blog, a website and guide for information and tourism of Chile. Chile is a South American country having a long coastline of the Pacific Ocean in the west and surrounded by other countries like Argentina, Bolivia and Lima district on the other sides. Chile has many exciting features to boast about like the largest swimming pool of the world to the driest place on earth, the Atacama desert. With this wide variation in a single country, chile will never fail to amaze you. Chile travel advisory guide will give you all the required information that you will need to have a memorable trip to Chile. From best places to visit to how to play your favorite casino games legally while you are in Chile. And for our readers that are interested in the latter, you can get free spins no deposit casino bonus from Freebonus-ca.com that will allow you to try real money casino games without risk.

A Brief History of Chile

Let's begin with the history of prochile in the first place. The history of chile dates back to 10000 years ago when the native Americans migrated to Chile in search of cultivated and fertile lands. Since then many famous dynasties like Inca, Mapuche, Tehuelches and many more have ruled the land of chile till the Europeans conquested the land in 1520. Chile broke into independence after a 17 years struggle from 1810 to 1827.

Major Tourist Attractions And Sites That Are Worth Visiting

When you are in Chile, there won't be a moment when you will not be amazed by the natural as well as the manmade beauties of the country. The chile travel advisory guide will give you tips and a brief listing of the places that you must visit when you are in prochile

  1. Torres del Paine National Park: the picturesque beauty of the peaks and the jade green water will make you forget the exhaustion of your hike.
  2. San Pedro de Atacama: the driest desert of the world will not only awe you with the changing shades in the sunset but you will also love the warm thermal baths and the varied landscapes of the place
  3. Santiago: it is the capital of the country and has a dark history of dictatorship. But now the city is a center of street art culture and tradition.the chile travel advisory guide advises you to visit Santiago on September 18 for Fiestas Patrias celebrations.
  4. Valparaiso: another beautiful city of our pro chile guide that gave birth to poets like Pablo Neruda and many more artists. It has still maintained its culture and traditions and can be seen at every corner of the city.
  5. The Wine Valleys: the valleys surrounding the city of Santiago is enriched with vineyards where you can go for wine tasting along with the local delicacies of meat and bread
  6. Chiloe: Chiloe is an island which has not been intruded by outsiders and so you can still see the original Mapuche tribes here. The chile travel advisory guide suggests you visit the island during minga celebration. Playing no deposit online casino games is another thing you can do when visiting Chile, especially at night, when you come back to your hotel room tired of exploring the major tourist attractions all day long.
  7. Pisco Elqui: this place is popular for the distilleries that brew the national drink of the country called pisco. You can also enjoy trekking, hiking, and other outdoor activities in this place
  8. Carretera Austral: the picturesque beauty of the marble cave and the enchanting bike routes will make the other places run for their money
  9. Easter Island: also known as the island of magic, the haunting beauty of the moai statues and the warm clear sea where you can swim to your heart’s content and try some of the best snorkeling of the world
  10. Tierra del Fuego: which literally means the end of the world is the home to Magellanic and Humboldt penguins.

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Guide To The Best Chilean Cities

Santiago: not just the capital of the country but this city is the largest metropolitan city of the country too. It has the tallest skyscraper of Latin America

Valparaíso: also known as the cultural capital of Chile, it is the home of the famous poet Pablo Neruda

Pucón: famous for its sporting and trekking avenues, this city will blow your mind with its serenity and beauty

Castro: this is the capital of the Chiloe island of Chile. This city has a distinct character due to its wooden house with tilted shades that are built over the water with a wooden stand

Santiago Nightlife Guide

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