Fast facts About the Chilean Food Industry & Specialty Food Exports


Chile is a country of startling contrasts and extreme beauty. Located on the west coast of South America’s tapering cone, is 2,700 miles long and uniquely narrow. Its average width is only 110 miles. Its length and extraordinarily diverse geography provides an unsurpassed climatic range and soils that are suitable for a very wide range of food production.  Chile exports a wide variety of high-quality food products to the most competitive and discerning markets in the world.

Chile has become a food producing and exporting powerhouse because of its privileged natural conditions for food production, entrepreneurial spirit, democratic stability, commitment to free trade, environmental sustainability, and sound economic management. Chile enjoys low inflation and fiscal surplus that have been key elements for facing the economic crisis successfully. Chile’s unique natural gifts combined with its skilled agricultural professionals and technologically advanced infrastructure give Chile the ability to produce and export a tremendous variety of whole and processed foods of unsurpassed quality, purity, and consistency.

Chile is a leading producer and exporter of some of the world’s finest fruits, berries, vegetables, fish, shellfish, poultry, meats, and, of course, its premium wines. Chile is the world’s largest exporter of fresh grapes (29%), plums (23%), and fresh fish fillets (22%); second largest exporter of frozen pacific salmon (30%), avocados (16%), and other frozen fish (10%). Chile is the fifth largest exporter in the world of wine (5%) and frozen pork meat (5%). [Source: Chilean International Economic Affair Figures 2006; Direcon.]

Chilean foods are consistently awarded for their taste and quality in international food competitions.  For example, Chilean olive oils have garnered international acclaim at competitions including the Leone D’Oro dei Mastri Oleari 2006, Parma, Italia, and the Sol d’Oro 2006, Diploma di Gran Menzione. In addition, a Chilean cheese received the American Cheese Society award, while Chilean lamb was recognized as the Best Organic Product from ANUGA.